YOU MATTER. Wanderlust 108 Festival.


I’m not a girl that’s afraid to venture out on my own. It took me years to get to this point in my life but I can say that I’m finally there. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going on little personal adventures; just me, myself and I. This past weekend I went to a yoga festival in downtown KC. I am a native to KC and I feel like I could walk the streets of downtown Kansas City with my eyes closed. I’ve been to every district and I go there often, but I have never been to the park in which the festival was held. That was super cool to me. It was located at the Berkley Riverfront Park near the City Market. It was really neat being on the lawn of the park and looking around at all the buildings and bridges nearby and thinking, “wow! I never knew you could get to this part of the river”. That is neat to me, finding new places right in my backyard (so to speak).


I attended the Wanderlust 108 festival that was put on by Adidas. $1.08 of every ticket sold went to fight childhood hunger. I’m all about that. The Wanderlust festival is the world’s first mindful triathlon starting with a 5k and then followed by a yoga class and meditation at the end. There were HUNDREDS of amazing, like-minded, folks such as myself practicing and spreading love.

I went on this little adventure alone and I am so glad that I did. I took this opportunity to truly reconnect with myself. It’s been a stressful month and I needed the time to reset. There are times, I feel, that every human being needs to remove him or herself from daily life and just take a break to get inside our own minds to truly reconnect with what is important and to rethink our values.

I am a very outgoing and mondo extroverted individual, making friends anywhere I go. I wanted to get the absolute most enjoyment from this festival that I possibly could. I tried making myself as transparent as I could, smiling at literally everyone, hugging those who I felt needed it and being true to myself. I found that I didn’t talk a whole lot. Those of you who know me personally may say, “Yeah right!” but I really didn’t. I engaged when necessary but I spoke through actions. I spoke with love in my eyes. I spoke with holding a strangers hand. I spoke with high-fives and encouragement. I may not have asked those for their life story but I told people who were struggling that they were amazing. I told people who looked lost or sad (people who are hurting go to these festivals to find themselves, to find healing) and told them that they were beautiful. Those people may never know my name but I hope with all of my heart that those people remember how I treated them; with love, respect and all of the kindness that I have to offer.

(This specific photo is not my own. I found it on the KC Wanderlust page. My phone died before I got a good group pic)

During yoga we were told to tell everyone around us that they matter. How powerful! To look a stranger in the eye and tell them that they matter. YOU MATTER. Each and every one of us matter. We are all put on this Earth to matter. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you matter. You were made (perfectly) to matter. It’s up to us to find out why. What is your purpose? Why were you made? If you ask, you will find. The universe has a wonderful way of letting us know these things, but we have to listen. Whether you believe in God or not, universal signs are all the same. God will tell you why you matter, the universe will tell you why you matter. We just have to tap into that energy to hear what is being spoken. How beautiful is this life? And how beautiful is it that each day is new?! You can start fresh every single day. This life is what you make it, so why not make it beautiful?

I am a 20 something year old woman. I stress out so much, for no good reason. I don’t know how to word this in a way that my heart feels but I will try my best – I get envious of people who live in tribes in different countries. I get jealous of the people who live in communities (or tents) who all have to work together to live. I want to live somewhere where you have to trust others in order to survive. To know that I have a job that is required of me for the community to thrive. There are many reasons why I feel this way but the main reason is because of happiness. Have you ever noticed how happy those people are? They find beauty in everything! The other reason is because they are happy with WHAT THEY HAVE. Which, mind you, is nothing. They have nothing. And they are happier than just about everyone I know. How wonderful it must be to not have all of the technological clutter. To not be inundated with everything that is  the internet; to be free. Simply and purely free. These festivals give me that feeling.

(Side note, if you haven’t watch the documentary Living On One Dollar I STRONGLY encourage you to do so. You can find it on Netflix or right here.)

My whole goal in life is to raise a KIND human being and to leave with world with a spark of happiness. We all have that spark of positive energy within us that is patiently waiting to be awoken inside us. Search for it, pull it to the surface of your soul and shine that spark so bright that people feel it when you’re around. YOU MATTER.


I love you all.


Kari Jo



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