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We’ve all been there. You’re out to dinner with your friends having a great time until… you feel that “buzz” in your pocket. You take it out to see that you’ve gained one new follower on Instagram. The conversation that you were having with your friends has been broken and you have lost that thought and comment that you were going to say. Although we may not think that a simple glance at our phones means anything, it actually speaks volumes. It tells your friends that what they have to say is important only until someone else interrupts that conversation. Sometimes we even get those phantom phone buzzes where you think you feel it vibrate when in fact it did not. It’s these little distractions that are pulling us apart. I can’t tell you the number of times where my son wanted my attention but I was reading an article of unimportance so I told him, “just one minute, buddy”. Then 10 minutes later, when I am finally available and I go to him but the moment is lost, he’s moved on. I’ve lost the moment of making a memory with him and I’ve lost that moment of seeing his creativity. All because of social media and cell phones.

I read books about friends having parties without distractions. You know, those good ol’ days before cell phones and social media. The time back when there was only a home phone mounted to the wall and the conversations that you had were spoken in front of the whole family. Or, if you were lucky you could stretch that sprial cord into a nearby closet to whisper something that you didn’t want anyone to hear. Oh sweet memories. How I miss those times.

I miss them so much that I have decided to bring it back. Ok so maybe not the phone mounted to the wall but I have decided to quit the social media scene, for awhile at least. I need a break. Not only is it a major distraction but what I am reading and being notified of is pure crap. PURE CRAP. I don’t need to know when some random person “likes” my photo or shares my post. I don’t need to know when I have gained a new follower or when that bimbo “Cash me Ousside” girl takes a poop.  Like, for real.

Now, I am fully aware that not all notifications and social media are horrible and annoying so don’t get me wrong here. I do love keeping up with my best friends and family through social media. I love the snaps my sister sends me of God only knows what and the ridiculous dance moves of my 4 year old neice. I do love those and will miss them. But here’s the thing, the people that I keep up with on a daily, weekly or even monthly know how to get a hold of me. I know my sister will still send me funny videos. I am just removing myself of the mundane online clutter. In time I will come back but I will significantly limit my time that I spend online. I want to be fully present with my world, with my family. I want to focus on being the best person that I can be. I want to spend more time volunteering, being with my church family and being fully present in my home. I don’t want to feel like I have to wake up and check my dailys. What even is a daily? Each morning we check email, facebook, twitter, instagram and snapchat. I’m trading all of that time into preparing healthy meals, picking up the random clothes that my kid throws in the hallway before bed that I step over every single morning. I want to spend more time doing things that add value to my life. Like devotions, prayer and just plain silence. SILENCE. What a glorious sound.

On Monday I deleted all social media apps from my phone, only checking facebook once a day on my laptop. I’ve traded that time in the mornings to listening to The Minimalists podcast. If you haven’t checked it out I encourage you to do so. It has brought so much joy and value into my life knowing that there is an entire community of people who are wanting to take the same minimalistic, simple approach to life. I have learned so much about myself by simply turning off the “noise” and tuning into my heart.

I listen to the podcast as I train for my half marathon. Questioning and fine tuning my values and morals. I am truly learning how to become the person that I want to be. I wanted to share this post with you all so that you can know that I’m not dropping all social media becuase I don’t care what you’re all doing, I am dropping it so that I can find my heart, my place in this world. I want to take a break, a fast or time-out if you will. This blog will be my outlet. I will be sharing my story and life through my website. We will talk minimalism, trails, health and happiness. I’m sure my hubs will do some “guest” posts and I will also have some of my close friends share their stories about cultivating passions, adding values and anything else that we find of value or joy to our lives. Feel free to leave us comments and tips and tid bits of info that you think we might find useful!!!

Love love love,

Kari Jo

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3 thoughts on “Uncluttering from social media

  1. I’ve thought about this a lot also! I’ve told Jared numerous times that I want a home phone, so I can leave my cell phone upstairs and not feel the urge to check it numerous times a minute. Minutes fly by, wasted, and we’ve accomplished what? Good for you! It’s hard to cut off those connections. I’ve also missed the days of waking up and beginning life and going to sleep with a lamp and good book. These phones are an addiction. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey!

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