The tree is up and I’m feeling the feels

Ok, ok. I know I’m early on all the Christmas stuff but I can’t help it, it’s my FAVORITE time of the year!

When it starts getting seriously cold outside my mind just shifts to peppermint mochas and pine scented candles (and eucalyptus stems but that’s amazing any time of the year).

I always put my tree up the first week of November. It’s my thing. When Eric and I were first married he would fight my jolly decor but he soon realized that if mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. -That phrase is so stupid but totally works in his scenario. –

This year when I said it was time to decorate he was almost as excited as I was and got the tree and decor out of storage.

Lincoln was super excited as well. I’m not sure he understands what in the world we were doing but he loves the ornaments with his whole heart. While Eric and I put the tree up, Lincoln unwrapped all of the ornaments with awe.

It was adorable watching him open every ornament and recount his memories from past years. And by that I mean he remembers every detail of how he jacked with my ornaments last year.

I’m not upset with him, they’re pretty cool ornaments.

Putting the tree up this early may seem annoying or just plain ridiculous but I’m in love! I’m in love! And I don’t care who knows it!

Christmas wasn’t always a happy holiday for me as a child and I want to give Lincoln a totally different experience. Plus, it gives me more time to feel all the feels of worshipping Jesus!

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year so I wanted to get my stuff up early so I didn’t worry about it later on. The way my schedule is right now I need to do as much in my down time now so I don’t have to think about decorating when I should be thinking about getting things done.

Speaking of, Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I haven’t planned anything! ANYTHING! – I think I just stressed myself out…

Deep breaths.

The holidays are so stressful but they are totally worth it. Plus, wine is always present when my family gets together.

– that may be because of me but that’s neither here nor there –

I always feel more vibrant, more alive during the holidays. I feel like everyone – for the most part- is just a little bit happier therefore a little bit nicer around this time of the year.

Each year it is a little different as Lincoln grows. He’s starting to take it all in and enjoys the Christmas stories and movies.

So far this year I’ve found hot wheels and underwear in my tree. I’m soaking up these memories because I know they won’t last long.

Christmas is a magical time and I’m really excited that it’s now!

Drop a comment and let me know what kind of tradition you have with your tree! Or share some photos of your sweet decor!

– I’m always open for good wine selections as well –

Love always,

Kari Jo


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5 thoughts on “The tree is up and I’m feeling the feels

  1. We always go pick out a tree the day after thanksgiving! The boys were so excited this year, we went ahead & got them a mini tree for the playroom 🙂 smells so good!
    Seeing Christmas through our kids eyes is THE BEST!!

  2. I’m totally living vicariously through you! I’ve vowed that starting next year my decorations will starting going up the first of November, too! My dad won’t allow anything Christmas (music, movies, decorations, etc) until after Thanksgiving… Such a bummer! Next year will be the first year we’ve ever put up a tree!! I just lovelovelove your enthusiasm for the season!!

      1. Stephen and I haven’t ever put up a tree together! My mom got a tree for the lake house, but we have to play by my dad’s rules and not put it up until after Thanksgiving.

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