The coolest news of the whole year!

Hey friends!

What a summer it has been! Most of you know that it was a rough summer for my family but by the grace of God we are making it through.

It seems that when you feel lost or “stuck” that God is always working on something way bigger, amiright?! God’s so cool.

I wanted to share some super freaking exciting news with you all today. I work for a great church in the Kansas City area. I have been a part of EPIC for 7 years now. It’s a “newer” church,  we celebrated our 8th birthday this year!

Through the years I have seen EPIC grow in amazing ways. The building has changed so much. It pretty much changes every year.

I met the pastors of EPIC while I was working as a barista at Starbucks. They would meet and have their weekly staff meetings at my store. A LONG time ago Bobby told me that he has this vision to open up a coffee shop. I loved everything about his vision and was excited to see what he had in store. Years went by, I quit Starbucks after the birth of my son, I wanted to be a stay at home mama. When my son, Lincoln, was 18 months old Bobby called me and said that it was GO TIME with the coffee shop. I was nervous because I wanted to stay at home with him but the church owns a daycare on the end of the builing. I was able to put him in daycare a few doors down from where I would be working.  I jumped on board and we built a coffee shop. The coffee shop will be celebrating it’s two year anniversary on October first of this year!

During those two years I have completed my 200 hour yoga instructor certification and I teach classes after my shift at the coffee shop. EPIC has been really understanding and encouraging to me as I float through this journey. I’m sure they laugh at me behind my back but that’s ok. I’ve been around these dudes long enough to take what they dish out. 🙂

This year will be a monumental year for EPIC. We are purchasing the KC Sports Lodge, a sports facility that shares a parking lot with the church and the coffee shop. We are in the process of adding ministry opportunities at the sports lodge as well as a second coffee shop location. Oh, and a yoga studio. A YOGA STUDIO.

In October not only will we be celebrating the two year anniversary of EPIC Coffee but we will be having a grand opening of EPIC YOGA!!! I am so freaking excited. I feel like this is what God has been preparing me for. I feel like this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I am so nervous and excited and more nervous but I know that  this is a door opening just for me and I would be a fool not to walk through it.

Measuring the letters to change them to EPIC Sports Lodge.

We are still in all of the planning stages, building walls and finding equipment and supplies. I have a friend who will also be working there with me. This is a dream come true for me. A true blessing. I am going to do my very best to make it the best studio that I possibly can as well as taking great care of the coffee shop.  A few years ago I would have been content to stay at home and be a mama but now I get to be a mama and run a coffee shop and a yoga studio. And Lincoln gets to be with me every step of the way. I can’t wait to snap some pictures of little man at the studio and new coffee shop this year and watch him grow day in and day out while the businesses also grow.

I will keep you all posted on the progress and I will do my best to snap as many pictures as I can!


Love love love!

Kari Jo

-Tenacious Yogi-

P.S. My sweet friend, Paulina, will be teaching with me A LOT so don’t be surprised if she takes over the blog from time to time! We are also working on providing a better website with better content and so much joy!

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8 thoughts on “The coolest news of the whole year!

  1. I am so happy for you! This is an amazing opportunity and I know you will do great things with these new additions! There’s not a better person for the job! You are a wonderful person! Can’t wait to see it all once it’s completed! Good luck to you and best wishes!

  2. I am so excited to get to see your journey close-.up. I look forward to seeing all the love vets you will touch. God is indeed great!

    I’d like be to bring a Bible study time to Epic Sports Lodge down the road. Mind, body, and soul!

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