Tandoori chicken and homemade naan flatbread

Middle Eastern food has got to be one of my all-time favorite things in the world. Now, I haven’t been overseas to have an authentic Hindu meal (YET) but I can dream and drool about it. Last night Eric and I got completely sucked into a show called Chef’s Abroad. It’s a show about different […]

Pineapple smoothies and half marathon training!

Most of you know that I am training to run my first half marathon. I’ve been training for 4 weeks and the race is 3 weeks away! I didn’t realize when I signed up for it that I only had 7 weeks to prepare but by golly I’m doing it! For the first few weeks […]

Thai Coconut Soup *Guest post!*

Happy Friday!!! I am so happy to share with you a recipe from one of the sweetest, kindest and most darling friends of mine. Tiffany and I have had the pleasure of knowing each other for about 4-5 years now. (WOW Tiff, it’s crazy that it’s been that long!) She is a wife, a mama, […]

Vegetarian Moroccan Stew

   I recently had baba ganoush for the first time and I completely fell in love. I went out to lunch with my friend Ashley after a Beachbody event and we chowed down! I told her that I could eat it with a spoon and she admitted that sometimes she does… I think I will […]

Pumpkin drop cookies

My love for pumpkin runs deep. Real deep. You may already be annoyed with all my pumpkin posts and to that I say jump on board! Last week I made these delish pumpkin cookies because I HAD to! If you aren’t quite ready for all pumpkin errthang just save this post and come back to […]

Oatmeal raisin cookies with protein

  I don’t know if I’m in a funk or just so extremely busy that I can’t keep up with myself but lately I’ve been slacking on how I eat. Luckily I am a fairly healthy person so having an “off” week isn’t going to kill me but my body feels all the feels of […]

Rice noodles and so many veggies.

Last night I really wasn’t feeling like cooking dinner. I had prepped everything for my husband to whip up some tacos when he got home just so I didn’t have to cook and I didn’t want fried tacos especially since I skipped my workout to eat with my mom. UH OH! But, of course, come […]

Banana protein muffins

Holy cow this has been quite the week! Thank God it’s Friday. I’m usually on it with my meal prepping but this week has been a rough one. So rough that I fed my family hamburger helper this week. If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I don’t eat ground beef or […]