Vegan Tacos and The Whole 30

Oh hello beautiful souls! Thanks for hanging in there with me you guys. Golly, what a summer! I’m finally getting into the swing of my new routine. With all the craziness going on in my life I have been eating HORRIBLY! Why does that always happen?! I made a whole batch of monkey bread recently […]

Thai Coconut Soup *Guest post!*

Happy Friday!!! I am so happy to share with you a recipe from one of the sweetest, kindest and most darling friends of mine. Tiffany and I have had the pleasure of knowing each other for about 4-5 years now. (WOW Tiff, it’s crazy that it’s been that long!) She is a wife, a mama, […]

Rice noodles and so many veggies.

Last night I really wasn’t feeling like cooking dinner. I had prepped everything for my husband to whip up some tacos when he got home just so I didn’t have to cook and I didn’t want fried tacos especially since I skipped my workout to eat with my mom. UH OH! But, of course, come […]