Good Morning Yoga Flow (coffee included)

Happy Monday! How’s your morning going? Hopefully it’s beautiful and bright and you’ve got it going on! (I’ve already smeared my makeup and stubbed a toe all before leaving the house.) This morning I wanted to give you a reason to get up and moving. Free yoga while you drink coffee. Monday mornings are the […]

Heartfelt happiness- yogaing like a boss

One of my challenges to myself is to take as many yoga classes as I can. I want to learn everything that I can. There is nothing better as a yoga instructor to take classes from other instructors. You gain so much wisdom and insight from those that have been at it longer than you. […]

Good morning yoga sequence

Being stiff from sleep is the worst. And I don’t know about you but I am not the nicest person first thing in the morning. Being stiff AND cranky is just a bad combo. I stretch every single morning. I may not do a full yoga sequence every morning but I make sure that I […]