How determining my values changed my life.

Values. We all have them, or at least think we know what they are, but have you really sat down to determine why you have the values that you do? For the most part, your values don’t change. You know what you believe in and you know what makes you happy. Normally those things don’t […]

Good Morning Yoga Flow (coffee included)

Happy Monday! How’s your morning going? Hopefully it’s beautiful and bright and you’ve got it going on! (I’ve already smeared my makeup and stubbed a toe all before leaving the house.) This morning I wanted to give you a reason to get up and moving. Free yoga while you drink coffee. Monday mornings are the […]

Changing your morning routine to maximize your time.

    Photo Credit: Suzanna McGarrah Photography (KCMO) I am a completely self-motivated person. I don’t need a friend to workout with or to set new goals, I work best alone. BUT, I CANNOT seem to get myself out of bed early enough to create any sort of morning routine – let alone getting a […]

Hazelnut iced coffee with coconut milk

Summa summa summatime is upon us!!! That means that iced coffee is baaaaack! Praise Jesus Hallelujah! I’ve really been on this hazelnut coffee kick and I just don’t know why. I pretty much hate all syrups due to working 10 years in a coffee shop but I do enjoy a flavored coffee from time to […]