Stove-top or Slow Cooker Potpourri

I just painted my nails the shade of hot chocolate.  Well, glittery hot chocolate.  Why?  Because fall.  Delicious, delicious fall.  The air is crisp.  The deck is covered with leaves.  And the lake house?  It smells like one giant cup of hot apple cider.  If you were to walk into my kitchen right now you would swear that I must have a giant pot of cider going.  I don’t.  What I do have is a slow cooker with a few very simple ingredients simmering away.  Almost zero effort.  But it sure doesn’t smell that way!!

In my opinion, every home should have two ziploc bags in the freezer.  One full of scraps for stock (but that’s a post for a different day).  The other full of scraps for potpourri.  Do you have a toddler who likes apples but refuses to eat the apple skin?  Put those in the bag.  There’s always a recipe that calls for the juice of a fresh lemon, but leaves you with sad lemon remains.  Slice that up and put it in the bag.  Oranges, limes, grapefruits.  Stray cranberries.  Herbs!  Rosemary, thyme, sage, even cilantro.  ***Extra credit:  If you have a live Christmas tree that smells good, or an evergreen outside that smells good, throw a few snippets in the pot or bag!

Or, you can just buy the stuff you want and cut it up fresh.  That’s what I did!  I cut up two apples…  And my son wanted to eat some.  So my slow cooker actually contains one a half apples plus the skin from the half apple he ate.  I also sliced up a lemon and threw that in.  I added 4 cinnamon sticks, 5 or 6 whole cloves, and a generous splash of vanilla.  

(please forgive the terrible lighting…it’s a very cloudy day)

If you have essential oils in your home, add some of those in!  The simmering pot of water can act sort of like diffusers and help put warm moisture into the air, which is super pleasant in the dry winter!!

Have fun with it.  Try new combos.  Experiment and find your favorites.  Then experiment some more and find new favorites!  

Time to break out the cold weather clothes! <3

Drop me a comment and let me know what you do to keep your home deliciously cozy in the colder months!!

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2 thoughts on “Stove-top or Slow Cooker Potpourri

  1. I love this idea! I’m brewing wassail today & I could have used some of these “scraps”! I added a few drops of my favorite essential oils too ❤️❤️❤️
    Great post!

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