Shoulder Taps

About a month ago there was a video floating around Facebook called Shoulder Taps. It’s a short video about a man who felt God telling him to speak words of kindness to a stranger. It’s an amazing video about how we should listen to God when we feel He is speaking to our heart.

Yesterday my mother-in-law wanted to spend some time with my son so she picked him up from school. My husband and I decided that we would clean the house up a bit and then go out for a quick dinner. I was craving some pancakes and he wanted something other than pancakes. We decided to go to the fanciest place of all, Dennys. Y’all, I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to Dennys. Eric and I were trying to figure it out last night. We think it was when we were teenagers and we worked together at AMC theater. Anywho, that has literally nothing to do with this post, just a fun fact.

As soon as we entered we were greeted by the nicest guy ever, Anthony. His smile lit up the room and you could tell he was just having a really good day. Eric and I sat down and took forever looking over the menu. We ordered our food and spent a few minutes chatting about our kid and how nice it was to get a few minutes to ourselves. When our food arrived we began to eat (the pancakes were frickin’ delish, like… so good). Halfway through our meal we saw an elderly woman at the table next to us sitting alone and crying. Of course, it is heartbreaking when you see anyone sitting alone and crying but especially an elderly person. Anthony, the host and waiter quickly went up to her and bent down on one knee and began to comfort her. He gently rubbed her neck while he spoke to her and you could tell that she was starting to relax. I don’t know what he said to her but we heard her say that she was a widow. When her food arrived he sat down at her table and cut her hamburger in half. He took time to talk to her, to smile at her and to make her comfortable in the restaurant. Blown away, I asked Eric if we should pick up her bill. Immediately he said that he was just about to ask me that. I knew then that I was supposed to say something to her but I didn’t know what. I sat there for a good part of 10 minutes asking God for the words to say to her. I have no problem talking to strangers but I didn’t want to come across too strong or strange. Y’all know what I’m talking about. As we got up to leave I found myself sitting down in the booth with her. I looked at her and said, “I don’t know what you’re going through but the Lord is with you all of the time. You don’t need to worry.” This woman, through teary eyes looked at me and said, “Oh honey don’t I know. I feel Him around me like He is hugging my body tight”. She began to tell me that she had lost her husband 2 years ago and for the most part she is doing ok but she has days where she really struggles. It made me wonder if Eric and I sitting there laughing together triggered something in her. She started to smile and said that she was with her husband for 58 years. She said that she told him that she would agree to live with him for 50 years and on the anniversary of that 50th year he was sad all day. She asked him why he was sad and he asked her if she wanted him to move out because the 50 years was up. She laughed really hard and agreed to live with him for 50 more. She said she got 3 more years with him after that day. We began to talk about how amazing God is and she lit up. She thanked us multiple times for coming to talk to her.

Why am I telling you all of this? I’m telling you this because I truly believe in those shoulder taps. Those moments where God uses you to speak His message to other people. We never go to Dennys but last night we were supposed to go there. We were supposed to talk to this woman and we were supposed to see Anthony in all of his kindness.

Trust God in those moments where you know you’re about to be really awkward to a stranger. It’s weird. It’s tough. But those moments are real and God uses them.

Shoulder taps.


Kari Jo

P.S. I did message Dennys and let them know about how awesome that dude was and they said that they were going to pass it along to him, the manager and the franchise owner. Hopefully he will get lots of high-fives.

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