Setting intentions for the New Year by Hannah

Setting Intentions for the New Year

There is something so refreshing about the start of a new year; it’s a blank slate. I am the kind of person who loves setting goals and writing things down, whether it’s resolutions, ambitions, intentions-whatever it is that will help me have a great year.

When I think about 2017 I’d say this year was good, but not great. I had a lot of amazing moments and focused more on self-care and being a healthier version of myself. This brought me a lot of joy. I also spent this year traveling as much as possible, which I am SO grateful for. However, I also dealt with a lot of family health issues, which was really difficult. I had some break downs and moments of feeling overwhelmed. It is hard to see the ones you love go through pain and sickness. That is one reason I am so committed to living a healthy lifestyle and starting these habits young. Overall, 2017 gave me several learning experiences and kicked my ass a little.

In 2018, I am focusing on the things I want to cultivate in my life. Manifestation is a powerful thing, and a lot of it has to do with just believing in yourself. I recently watched an interview with actor Jim Carrey, who is a firm believer in the law of attraction. When he was broke and young in Hollywood, he actually wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and wrote in the memo: “For acting services rendered”. Within a few short years, he earned lead roles in several of his biggest films to date and surpassed the amount of money on his check. The mind is a powerful thing (and hard work, obviously!) When you believe it, you can receive it. I’m not gunna lie, that sounds painfully cheesy but it is totally true.

Now, when you are setting intentions and manifesting your desires, you need to get clear about the things you want and simply write them down. It is also better to have the right mindset- the mindset of self-love, rather than self-loathing and restriction. Also, set up realistic expectations. You aren’t going to completely change your life overnight, and if you set unrealistic goals you will most likely fall off the wagon.


Here are some of my personal intentions for 2018


*Continue to write as much as possible. This has really been a great creative outlet for me. I was honestly scared to put myself out there at first. You’re basically baring your soul for all to judge and there are few things as scary as that.

However, I came to the realization that writing is something I have enjoyed my whole life, so why would I not pursue it?!

*Meditate weekly, if not daily, and continue to practice yoga. Yoga and meditation are SO good for my soul. I am so happy I have incorporated these things into my life. Not to mention they really help my over-stimulated brain.

*Less social media and no electronics before bed. I’m the kind of person that has a hard time shutting my brain off. I am constantly thinking about my to-do lists and it is important for me to give my brain a break and also wind down before I sleep.

*Let go of things that are not within my control, and allow happiness to come from within, not from outer circumstances. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I cannot control the things happening around me. Whether it’s my mom’s health, my job, my work-life balance-I have to learn to let go sometimes. All I can do is try to be a positive influence and continue to grow. This isn’t always easy, but I am a work in progress.

*Journal and practice daily gratitude. My mother-in-law bought me an awesome 5-minute daily journal that I can’t wait to start and we all know the power of gratitude!

*Make healthy choices that make me feel good. This means cooking more healthy meals at home, waking up early to work-out even when I’d rather stay in bed, and saying no to things that do not serve me. I know how good I feel when I put these things first and I want it to stay that way!




So, I know some people roll their eyes when they think about writing down their ‘intentions’ for the new year (and I used to be one of those people tbh). However, I’m a firm believer in reflecting and I think there is a benefit to making a plan that works for you. I personally love any excuse to re-dedicate myself to the things that matter most to me! Are you setting resolutions or intentions for the New Year? I would love to hear.


2017 was the year of travel for me. Here are a few of my favorite places I visited. Thanks for reading!






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