Pineapple smoothies and half marathon training!

Most of you know that I am training to run my first half marathon. I’ve been training for 4 weeks and the race is 3 weeks away! I didn’t realize when I signed up for it that I only had 7 weeks to prepare but by golly I’m doing it! For the first few weeks I continued to eat the way I wanted and I really struggled on my runs. I managed to bust them out but I knew deep down that if I cleaned up my diet that I would be able to enhance my stamina and improve my time. This week I got super serious about clean eating. I have been slacking on meal prepping and it’s really kicked me in the ass. Smoothies are one of my all time favorite meals when it’s warm outside. Because the seasons have changed so has my dosha, I’ve been needing cold foods such as smoothies and salads. Yesterday I bought 2 pineapples so I decided to whip up a smoothie for little dude and I.

This was perfect for yesterdays weather in Kansas City. Bright and summery, bring it on! Here is the recipe that I used but you are more than welcome to add or switch things up to your liking: (Click the link to print a copy)

Pineapple Smoothie 

I cup of fresh pineapple

handful of spinach
handful of strawberries
1 cup of frozen peaches – I used these to replace the ice
handful of grapes – I used green and purple
1 cup of Greek Gods Honey and Strawberry yogurt
about 4oz water
Blend and enjoy!
Of course you could do so many things to modify but this is what worked for us! I drank this at 4pm and it kept me so full that I didn’t eat dinner after teaching my 6pm yoga class. Linc loved it as well! I’m finding that by adding smoothies into my daily routine I am able to run further, my skin is clearer and I’m not as tired throughout my day.
Yesterday I ran 7 miles and I felt really good. I ran 4.5 miles straight without taking a break. The goal for the day was to run tempo for 5 miles but I only made it to 4.5 and I’m cool with that, especially considering the entire length of mile 4 was uphill. This weekend I get to run 10 miles – I’m choosing to say “get” to run because saying “have” to run makes me cringe a little. The furthest I’ve ever gone is 9.33 miles. Each weekend I add 1 mile to my long runs meaning each week I break my own little record of how long I can go. I’m finding that running 8-9 miles is easier than running 6-7. I think that this is because the closer I get to 13 the less mentally taxing it becomes. When I run 6-7 miles I think, “crap man, I’m only halfway there…” BUT I know I can do this! It might take me 3 hours but I WILL complete this race! I’ve been training my ass off for this, literally and figuratively.
Yoga has helped me TREMENDOUSLY during this process. I run during the day and I teach yoga in the evenings. Mondays I teach for 2 hours straight so I feel amazing on Tuesday. Because of this I am able to run more during the week which has been amazing. Thank goodness for yoga!!!!
I hope that your week is finishing out strong! It’s Friday eve, y’all!! Thanks for stopping by!!!
Love love love,
Kari Jo
P.S. FUN FACT: I’ve been dipping my toothbrush into baking soda after applying toothpaste and it is making my teeth SO WHITE! Holla!!! Try it out!

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