I challenge you!

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year but it’s also a time where we accrue CLUTTER. We inevitably buy ourselves new items and we usually receive a gift or two. There is nothing wrong with this but after a few years we may notice that we have an excess amount of unnecessary items laying around.

Two years ago I started my journey into minimalism. Now hear me out, I own a lot of stuff. I have a long way to go before I feel like I can truly feel like I’m not hoarding things that I don’t need but I have made some serious progress in those two years.

If you have checked out minimalism in any regard then you have probably heard of the 30 day minimalism challenge. If you haven’t, no worries!

It’s simple. You get rid of items every day for 30 days. You can choose how hard you want to tackle this challenge by simply making it your own. You can get rid of a lot or a little, it’s wherever you are in your journey!

I am going to start this journey on January 1st and I would love you all to join me!

Here’s what I plan on doing:

Day 1 you get rid of 1 item

Day 2 is two items

Day 3 is three items

And so on…

If the thought of getting rid of that many items so soon stresses you out then go ahead and scale it back a bit – just get rid of 1 item each day for 31 days totaling 31 items.

The thing about clutter is that it stresses us out. The more you have around you the harder it is for you to relax. There’s something about getting rid of a bunch of crap that just makes you feel so good. You don’t need to throw it away (although if it’s not in working order please just toss it) you can donate it to charity. Someone might really need what you don’t want anymore. Donate your clothing. Donate electronics. Throw away trash and underwear. That’s gross and no one wants that.

Through my experiences with decluttering I have hit every emotion possible when it comes to purging. There are a few things from my own experiences that I want to share with you.

  1. Don’t hold onto things that were gifted to you because you feel guilty. If you don’t need it or it doesn’t add value to your life it is OK to get rid of it. If you’re feeling extra guilty then put it in the garage for a week or two and think about it. Maybe you can gift it to someone that you know would use it or you can think about for that week or two and come back to it towards the end of the challenge.
  2. Y’all, get rid of the dang extra cords. You know you have a whole dang box of cords for electronics that you don’t even have anymore. get. rid. of. them. Throw them in that goodwill box.
  3. Everything that you own should bring you joy or value and/or serve a purpose. You don’t need that box of your grandmothers doilies that you’re keeping in your closet for a rainy day tea party. Truly think about the items that you have around you and honestly ask yourself, “Does this serve a purpose?”. Let go of anything that doesn’t.
  4. If you haven’t used it in 90 days let it go. The odds are that if you haven’t used it then you probably aren’t going to. You can always give it to someone who will use it and then you can BORROW it when you need it.

I love love love The Minimalists. They have some incredible ideas, resources and blog posts about decluttering. When I started my journey I became totally obsessed and I applied a lot of their tips to my own life. One article that really helped me is simply 5 Decluttering Tips . I encourage you to check it out if you are feeling overwhelmed.

They also have a blog post about how to declutter in a month. It’s amazing because it walks you through each room in your place and encourages you to find things in each room to get rid of. Be sure to check that out! The kitchen was one area that I really struggled with but this article was mondo helpful.

One last thing that I want to leave you with is project 333. I know, I know, I’m STILL talking about this. I can’t get over it. It’s something that I do and then have to continue to do. Project 333 is where you only own a very minimal amount of clothing. If you are a clothes hoarder (ladies, I’m looking at all of y’all) make sure to check this out! You don’t need to do it right now (or at all for that matter) but it is really inspiring and it might help you to break ties with that dress that you wore one time 6 years ago that you might fit back in someday once you start that all-kale diet.

I’ll come back to this post as January creeps a little closer but I wanted to plant the seed so that you can be prepared and ready to jump on board with me!

Give gifts this year that people NEED! Make sure that you don’t buy a bunch of crap just to buy a gift. If you don’t know what someone needs, ask them. Tell your friends and family that you really want to get them something that they can value or truly use. If they don’t need anything then buy them some badass smelling soap and give them a gift card to the grocery store or gas station. I’m so serious. People need these things!

I hope you all join me in this challenge! If you want to join me in January shoot me a message and I will create a facebook group where we can share our victories, answer questions and support each other!

Love you all so much,

Kari Jo




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2 thoughts on “I challenge you!

  1. Kari Jo,

    I am going to build 3 piles starting on January 1,
    Garage Sale
    Throw Away
    At the end of the month I will take my donations to a worthy charity.
    I will throw whatever pile is there on a weekly basis and I have been meaning to do a garage sale for over a year. I will set a date and stick to it.

    Thank you for the reminder to de-clutter life and home!

    Love you! Laurie Dean

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