Hosting Thanksgiving

This year was my second year hosting Thanksgiving. It was also my second time making a turkey.

Y’all. Cooking a turkey is freaking hard work. If you’ve ever made a turkey you know it’s a dang chore.

Last year I made a rosemary pear turkey and it was delightful. This year I made a more savory turkey and just used veggies and Tony Chachere’s seasoning. It was pretty dang good if I say so myself. Everyone complimented it and it felt pretty genuine so I’ll take it!

We didn’t have many people over this year. We invited a bunch of people that didn’t have family close but everyone had plans which is GREAT! I’m glad they all had a place to go. We ended up just having my fam, my mom and brother, and my sister and niece. It was little and cozy.

Eric and I got up pretty early, around 6am, to get the turkey out of the brine and to whip up any last minute dishes. Once those were done I went to Arrowhead Stadium to run an 8k. It was so incredibly cold.

So. Incredibly. Cold.

Miles 1 and 2 were the hardest as the cold air made it really hard to breathe. I brought a wrap to cover my face with so I’m sure I looked ridiculous. I conveniently didn’t get a picture of that. I did, however, find a lady in a turkey costume and made her take a picture with me to show Lincoln.

That was kind of awkward but whatever, make new friends wherever you go. Right?!

I set a PR during this race (I did 5.15 miles in 48:37) and made it home in time to baste the turkey and whip up the potatoes.

I planned this year out really well. It wasn’t stressful and I didn’t have to cook all day long. Also, I made the best pie I’ve ever made.

My Grammy was the pie maker in the family and it is SO hard to follow in her footsteps but my mom said it tasted just like hers. I’ll take it!

My sister brought some pretty delicious pies as well. We kinda like the sweets around here.

I had a really good time with the fam. I’m so happy that my brother and sister were with me. It’s not often that the three of us are all together.

I hope that everyone had a really great day. Now for all of you before Thanksgiving Christmas decorators you can go ahead and get to putting those trees up!

I’ll be over here diffusing all of the Christmas Spirit oil!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!!

Love love love,

Kari Jo

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