Good Morning Yoga Flow (coffee included)

Happy Monday!

How’s your morning going? Hopefully it’s beautiful and bright and you’ve got it going on! (I’ve already smeared my makeup and stubbed a toe all before leaving the house.)

This morning I wanted to give you a reason to get up and moving.

Free yoga while you drink coffee.

Monday mornings are the hardest for me to get up and get going so I wanted to share a simple flow that I do almost every morning.

I love this flow because it’s really simple and it’s really easy. It doesn’t matter if you do yoga every day or if the last time you’ve stretched is when you were taking the Presidents test in elementary school.

So now go brew up a pot of java, roll out your mat and join me!

First – Drink a little coffee. Hold it. Feel it. Smell it. Love it.

Come into Mountain pose (tadasana) Engage the core and activate glutes.

Inhale arms high

Exhale and cross the right leg over the left extending the left arm high and over to the right. Spend some time here. Keep breathing.

As you exhale, release the left arm down and uncross the legs. Inhale and cross the right leg over the left bringing the right arm up and over. Again, take your time here. This is one of my all-time favorite asanas.

Inhale to lift. Allow the ribcage to expand and send the heart forward.

Exhale to fold.

Inhale, lifting the chest and either walk the feet back to plank OR shift the gaze to between the hands, bend the knees and hop back to plank.

Press up through the hips and backs of the legs to downdog. When coming from plank to downdog, use the core and the hips to press up instead of relying solely on the legs. When entering downdog for the first time during your practice it is essential to spend some time here. Invite any movement that you need to find your place in downdog. You can pedal the feet out or shift the hips from right to left. Take your time. The ears should be between the biceps and the tailbone should be pressed as high as you comfortably can (imagine as if the tailbone had feathers and you are trying to dust the ceiling – cheesy and lame but it works).

Inhale the right leg up.

Exhale the right leg forward to plant it in between the hands. Send the heart forward and shift the gaze up. Press equally through both feet.

Inhale and press up bringing your hand to heart center.

Exhale and send the arms straight up. The palms should be facing one another and the armpits are hollow. Take three breaths.

As you exhale your third breath, bring hands back to heart center.

Smile about it. You’re cool. (You could add a warrior 3 here if you wanted to after a few rounds).

QUICK! Grab some coffee! – You can spend some time here.. Take 5…6…7…8 sips of java.. or as many as you want. Heck, refill your mug really fast if you need to!

Ok, back to it. From anjali mudra (hands at heart center or prayer hands) inhale the right hand to either side of the foot – try both sides and see where you are most comfortable – and then send the left hand up. Send a line of energy from the right fingertips up the the left fingertips.

Really press through the hands here, opening up the chest and heart.

As you exhale, bring the left hand back to plank.

Exhale to chaturnaga, keeping the elbows tucked in close to the rib cage.

Inhale up to cobra or updog (updog is cobra with the legs and knees lifted off of the mat, tops of the feet pressing into the mat).

Exhale back to downdog.

More coffee! After all, we’re here to have a good morning!

Coming back to tadasana, inhale arms up high, lifting the chest.

Exhale to malasana, yogi squat, and inhale pressing back up to tadasana and begin the flow again on the opposite side. This is a simple sun salutation that can be done 3-5 times to start your practice or to warm them body up before the day begins.

You can also move between malasana up to tadasana (yogi squat to standing) 5-10 times, firing up the legs, between shifting over to the left side.

Sun salutations are wonderful little sequences to have in your back pocket because once you’ve done them a few times you won’t have to think about an easy stretch or quick practice – they’ll come naturally to you.

After completing the whole cycle on the left side press the body to child’s pose and spend some time there to opening the hips and return the breath to normal.

Try it out! Let me know what you think! Remember, take as many coffee breaks as needed. It’s actually encouraged to take more than were offered.

Have a super amazing Monday morning, yogis!

Love love love,

Kari Jo


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