God loves this hot mess: A letter to you tired mamas.

I get it. You’re exhausted. You haven’t brushed your hair in two days. You have to think really hard if you brushed your teeth this morning…

You did.

But gosh, did my kid? Did he brush his teeth?!! I hope so. Who knows. I’ll make him do it (possibly again?) when he gets home.

Your dishes are still in the sink from last night (maybe even the last two nights) and oh wait, what’s my husbands name again? Oh crap, I forgot to switch the laundry over two days ago and now they smell all musty so I have to wash them again. Awesome.

You’re tired. You’re super flipping busy. How could anyone love this version of me?

Our air conditioner has been slowly dying over the past month but this week it completely crapped out and our house was consistently 84°. It was so hot that I honest to goodness put Pop Ice popsicles inside my pillowcases to cool off while I “slept”. But let’s be real, no one can sleep when the house is that hot. I was frustrated and quite frankly, not very fun to be around. I was moody and snappy and not my best self.

I had to have a come to Jesus moment with myself as I was reading my bible and morning devotions. As I was reading about Hagar I saw her in a totally different light.

Hagar was one tired mama. She was grumpy. She was probably sweaty as all get out. She was hungry and she was exhausted. And you know what? God loved her. He loved her exactly how she was.

But she was afraid for people to really know her. Don’t we all feel that way? We don’t always want everyone to know us on a personal level because oh my gosh, they might realize that we don’t have it all together.

I have this dumb tendency to think that people always think the worst of me. If I make a mistake or if I say something wrong, I project this insecurity upon them to where every time I see the person that I “messed up” in front of that they are forever and always going to think of me as a screw up for the rest of my existence.

When I mess up, I  feel like people see me as a mess up instead of a person who messed up.

No one constantly lives on the mountaintop. When you find that person let me know so I can make friends with them. We all roll down the hill more than we care to admit.

We snap. We get tired. We’re just out here trying to live our best lives and doing our best to keep the kids, plants, and animals alive.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Thank the Lord for the love that he gives us each and every day. I choose to believe in Jesus not because I have it all together, but because I don’t. I choose to live my life walking towards Christ because when I don’t feel worthy of love He tells me that He loves me.

To all of my anxiety-ridden, bedhead-rockin’, leftovers for dinner lovin’, hot mess mamas out there, God’s got you. You don’t need to do anything for Him to love you any more than he already does. And stop worrying about what other people may think of you, it’s not your business anyways.

Get the babysitter, leave the dirty dishes in the sink. Hand the babysitter a box of Kraft mac n cheese (tip her a little extra since she has to wash the saucepan to cook with) and go to dinner with that guy that you married. Reintroduce yourself to him, you know so you can catch his name without awkwardly having to ask. Don’t worry, you don’t need to brush your hair because you don’t need to go anywhere fancy for dinner.

Your kid just came home so you might as well brush your teeth again because well,  you need to brush their teeth too (just in case).



Kari Jo

P.S. After dinner check the washing machine, you’ve already wasted $7 of soap on this one load, but I’m not judging.

P.P.S. Our air is back on and working, HALLELUJAH!

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1 thought on “God loves this hot mess: A letter to you tired mamas.

  1. All of this-yes! Been there, still go there, still a work in progress. You are so relatable. Sending love and cool air. 😎❤️

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