Five books to cozy up with this fall!

5 Books to Cozy up with This Fall

For many book lovers, fall is the ultimate time to cozy up with a new book and fight off the changing temperatures by reading the day away. I for one LOVE snuggling up under a blanket and reading a good book with my coffee in hand. Basic? Maybe! But I find fall to be the best and I can say that shame-free.

Now, I have never been a firm believer in “seasonal reads” so I don’t determine the type of book I am reading based on the season we are in. With that being said, there are most definitely certain books that give me that cozy fall reading feeling. I seriously love a good mystery story with a suspenseful plot and unexpected twist during this time of year.


However, with that being said, in this particular post I don’t stick to a specific genre, although there are some I read more often than others. I believe it’s important to read a variety of books outside of your favorite genre so I try and break the cycle and read different things. For all my fellow book lovers out there, what genres are you most drawn to?

These novels below are my current favorite reads, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Girls by Emma Cline

This book is one of my favorites from the past year and I knew once I read the synopsis of the story that I had to read it! I’m also kind of obsessed with the book cover; it’s like a hypnotic spinning wheel and it caught my attention when I first saw it at the book store. I honestly love stories that are a bit creepy and weird (am I the only one?) and this book was right up my alley. The Girls is based roughly on the infamous Charles Manson case, so I think if you are familiar with this before reading the book, you will enjoy the story more.

This coming-of-age story is set in 1969 and the narrator is 14-year old Evie Boyd who is fed up with her middle class, mildly average lifestyle. She soon becomes completely transfixed on a group of troubled girls and somehow gets pulled into their group. The reader later discovers that these girls have ties to a man named Russel, who is a bold portrayal of a Charles Manson-esque character. He’s basically a creep who should be avoided at all costs, but the girls are manipulated by his charming persona. Throughout this story, you see Evie shift from the innocent girl she once was as she strives to fit in with this soon-to-be infamous cult, and what can happen when you start to drift away from reality.

Overall, this book has a healthy dose of creepiness and is perfect for this time of year. If you’re looking for a twisted story that will keep you guessing, then I highly recommend this book.


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Okay, so this book gets ALL the heart eyes. This story was absolutely incredible! Have you ever read a book that just sticks with you for months after you have read it? This was that book for meI literally had a book hangover after I read it; no other book compared. The Nightingale is truly unforgettable. To be honest, I don’t typically read historical fiction and this book started out a little slow for me, so I almost lost interest. STICK WITH IT! It is so worth it. And yes, you might end up ugly crying, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Nightingale is a story of two French sisters, Viann and Isabelle, who are very different from one another. They have always been close despite their differences but when World War II strikes, their lives take separate paths. As the war progresses, their relationship and strength is tested. This story brings to life the horror and devastation that was brought on by WWII, and you are able to see things from the two sister’s unique perspectives. Overall this story was an all-consuming read and you need to add it to your collection.


Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

So, if you’ve heard of Anna Kendrick then you probably already know that she is a wildly funny, sassy, outspoken young actress in Hollywood. And if you haven’t heard of her, stop reading this now and go watch Pitch Perfect. You’re welcome!

I ADORE Anna Kendrick. I honestly think we would be best friends if she lived in Kansas City. She is awkward, hilarious, and super relatable. Her book made me laugh out loud so many times that my husband literally looked at me like I was a crazy person. She is just so down to earth so I KNEW her book would be something worth reading.

Scrappy Little Nobody is the story of Anna Kendrick’s life and all of the awkward moments in between. The book has a variety of chapters that surround different life lessons Anna has learned throughout her life thus far, such as getting over heartbreak and being broke in your early 20’s. Anna started off in theatre as a child, spent time on Broadway in her youth, and then made the big move to LA. In summary, if you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted read, then I would definitely recommend this book!


The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

So, this next read is by author Alice Hoffman who is very well-known for her book Practical Magic. Most people have seen this movie-adaption starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, so if you enjoyed that, I can almost guarantee you will love this story as well. The Rules of Magic is a prequel to Practical Magic, but you can read it regardless of whether or not you have read the other book. You guys, I freakin’ LOVE Alice Hoffman. She writes wonderfully magic stories that always stick with you long after you have read them. This story is perfect for fall and it is full of suspense! Also, fun fact: The Rules of Magic was Reece Witherspoon’s Book Club pick for the month of October this year, which is another reason you should go read this book.


This is the story of the Owens family, a very unique clan of witches that have a long lineage dating back to the 1600’s. The story begins in NYC in the early 1960’s. Susanna Owens knows that her three children are dangerously unique; they have special powers that humans do not possess. Susanna is determined to keep her children safely away from their magical heritage, so she gives them strict and unrealistic rules to live by. Despite her best efforts, her children soon have an opportunity to explore their magical abilities when they visit their aunt in Boston for the summer. Once they get a glimpse of who they really are, there simply is no turning back.

Overall this story had a great pace and I really enjoyed it from start to finish! After you read this, you will probably want to reread Practical Magic (or at least order it from Amazon like I did).


All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

So, I debated putting this book on the list because I am not technically finished with it yet; however, I am really enjoying it so far so I wanted to share it with you! I am halfway through and I think it is a great, suspenseful, easy read.

All the Missing Girls is the story of Nicolette Farrel, a young woman desperately trying to move on from her past. Nic left her hometown right after high school and has never looked back for reasons you will discover as you read the story. However, due to her father’s declining medical condition, she is forced to come back home for several months and ultimately face some of her old demons. This story is told backwards-from Day 15 to Day 1- as Nic works to unravel the truth about her neighbor’s disappearance from 10 years ago. If you love mysteries and plot twists, then you should try this book.


You guys, how adorable is Hannah?! I feel so lucky to have her as a guest on the blog. She is a wonderful woman and I am so happy to have her here! Finding a GOOD book to read is such a challenge so I am thrilled that she gave us a great list to come back to! 

Drop a comment and let us know what your favorite books are or let us know how you feel about her list! I hope that you are loving Hannah as much as I am! 

Now hurry off to the library to check out these great books! 

Love love love, 

 Hannah and Kari Jo 


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