Detoxing with twists- how to detox with yoga.

With only 24 days until I get the amazing privilege of teaching yoga on the beach I realized that I’m not quite beach-ready. Although I won’t be swimming in the sea I will be meditating in the sand and doing as many inversions as humanly possible and I want to feel as healthy as can be.

This week I have decided to do a week long post on how to detox in a healthy, food friendly way. Today I will spend a little time on how to detox using yoga and later this week I will post some delicious recipes and tips that are tried and true.

I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 years and really researching a delving deep into the practice of yoga for the past year. I love yoga, I am challenged and encouraged by yoga but learning the back end, the history, the science behind it… that fascinates me. Many people think of yoga as a weird hippie-dippie slow exercise but it’s sooooo beneficial (as well as being a slow hippie-dippie exercise).

When you detox your body, incorporating yoga can be extremely beneficial. When you perform a twist you are essentially wringing out your spinal cord of unwanted materials. A ton of toxins lie in and around the spinal cord and paraspinal muscles. By combining twists and  healthy nutrition you will notice that you are feeling healthier, stronger and less fatigued throughout the day.


I have created a list of my favorite feel-good twists for you today. By practicing these even just 3 times a week you will begin to feel more mobile, balanced and stronger in your core. Each asana (or pose) should be held for 5-10 breaths allowing your inhales and exhales to be the same length. Remember to breathe deeply through your nose really activating your ujjayi breath (audible within the throat) and breath deep into the belly. When exhaling, exhale slowly and with intention. Don’t just let it out quickly, give it some time and fluidity and really pull that navel into the spine with each exhale.

Detoxing is a great way to gain positive energy, leaving you feeling more energized throughout your day(s). Combining twists with clean meals is the quickest way to feel more active and alive!

Feel free to comment or message me with any questions or success stories! They are my favorite!

Namaste friends,

Kari Jo


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