Day 1… Here goes nothin’.

Today marks my “official” day 1 of unclutttering from social media. I deleted them off of my phone about a week ago but I would re-download them when I wanted to “check in” or write my post about leaving the scene for a bit. I wasn’t on my phone almost at all yesterday but I stayed pretty busy and didn’t think much about it. And then today came. Today is my first day off from both jobs in a week. It’s also the first full day with not a lot to do since starting this endeavor. Normally I would spend MUCH of my Saturday just farting around on my phone. Snappin’ snaps to fellow snappers, checking the ‘ol Facebook and then spending the other 16 hours being completely inside of Instagram. Oh Instagram… how I miss thee… That one is the hardest. I want to get on Instagram right now and just tell everyone hello and that I’m thinking about them. LOL. … I’m serious… *sigh*. I have quickly realized that I have a problem. I honest to goodness didn’t think that this would be as hard as it actually is. Here are a few things that I’m finding out:

  • I feel like a crack addict, flinching when I feel those phantom vibrations. You know, when you think you got a text or notification when in fact you didn’t.
  • I haven’t taken a single photo on my phone in 3 days. For real. I have rediscovered my Canon and started using that to take better photos.
  • I don’t check my phone while I drive. Guys, lets all be real for a second, we all check our phones while we drive and that is SO dangerous. Put the phone down. I do have to tell myself not to pick up my phone at red lights becuase I am literally trying to break a habit of doing this, and it’s hard.
  • I spent more quality time with Lincoln today.
  • I have no stress. None. No feelings of having to reply to something or someone or reading posts that bring me down.
  • I haven’t turned my tv on all day. Not for any particular reason, I just realized as I was typing that I just haven’t.
  • I’m noticing more things that I need to work on around my house.

I have a ways to go but I’m feeling hopeful and excited! I have filled my phone time with being fully present today. I hope you are all having a awesome weekend. We’ll chat soon!




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