Be still.

Every morning as I drive into work I pray. It’s usually the same prayer, Lord thank you for this day, help me to live for you. Please be with *insert all the people I need to pray for* and Lord please help me complete *insert whatever goal I’m working on*. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Today as I was praying I just couldn’t think of what to say. As I started to pray all I could say was, “Lord, thank you for this beautiful morning and thank you for this gorgeous sunrise. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.”

There was a different feeling in my heart with this short prayer today. So often we pray for all of the things we think we need but we forget that God is so much bigger than we are. He knows everything we need. I felt God say, “Be still, I know what you need.” It was a sobering feeling. There was a calm in my heart. I was able to drive without trying to think of everything I needed to pray for and just be thankful for what I have and to take in the gorgeous sunrise.

Be still, friends. God knows exactly what you need before the words ever part your lips. You don’t need to try to say everything, sometimes saying nothing is the biggest prayer of all.


Kari Jo

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2 thoughts on “Be still.

  1. I often feel sooo overwhelmed by how many people and situations that I want to pray over. It can feel so daunting when so many people are dealing with illnesses, divorces, estrangements…and then there’s everything that’s happening out in the world – wars, injustices, atrocities of all shape and size…and the battles that happen within my head and heart and soul… It just feels impossible to pray for it all. And then I get a feeling so similar to yours, and I just say “God, you know what is on my heart. You know all about everything that’s going on. I just pray that Your will be done.” Of course God loves us to sit in prayer and pray over allll the things. But it’s just not always possible. And it’s so comforting to be able to rest in the knowledge that He sees all of it, He knows all of it, He is in control of all of it.

    Love this!! <3

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