Amazing changes in amazing places.

Hello kind souls!


I hope everyone is doing well! Things are going well here in the Midwest. We’ve got so much going on that my mind is one big clutter ball. (Clutter ball? I just made that up.) But really, I’ve been a tornado of ideas and thoughts and goals and tasks and AHHHHH!

In October I am teaching my first-ever yoga workshop. Vanessa, my friend and mentor, asked me to assist her in teaching an inversion workshop at the Studio on Main on the Independence Square. We went out for a little photoshoot for the promo ads and got some great shots! It was a blast playing around with her. Eric was a trooper and took all the weird shots that we asked for. I’m going to randomly throw those photos around this post. 🙂



 Lincoln joined us! 

The new yoga studio is set to open in TWO WEEKS. Two freakin’ weeks, y’all! There are still a ga-gillion things to do but I am excited.

I took Bailey, my best friend and fellow yoga instructor, over to the space today to check it out. She couldn’t stop smiling. Although right now there is no ceiling, the walls are barely up and there is a GIANT hot air balloon painted on a wall, she couldn’t stop smiling. I think she’s going to like it.

It’s all so surreal right now. I have so many things to do that it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I’m in business mode right now. I’m even having a hard time visualizing what it will look like. I know that it will be amazing, no matter what it looks like. I will keep you posted!!



One thing that I have really been trying to figure out is my vision, for everything. What my vision is for my life, yoga, and the blog.

I’ve got the vision part down for my life. Now it’s time to execute my vision for my practice and for my blog. I want to provide a space for people to come and be at peace. I want to create an energetic and positive harmony for others to feed off of- whether that is on the mat, in the studio, or on this website.

I realize that I, alone, cannot create this harmonious balance. I have decided to add two other contributors to the blog. These two women are my very best friends, people whom I value and trust to create a balance like no other. Ashley Veach and Bailey Reynolds will be joining the trail in October! Together we will create some amazing content that will make your life a little easier so you can spend your time on things that matter.

We want to create easy, healthy meal plans, DIY projects, homemaking, floral design and of course, yoga. The website will be changing slightly to make room for more activities!

I am BEYOND excited to see all of the changes take place. I feel like this is the start of something really, really good. I can feel it in my bones. I’m hoping that next year we will be selling merch at local fairs and hosting workshops and retreats! Bailey and I have some pretty sweet ideas for local shin-digs! We want to host some creative classes like a make and take oils and yoga class, a yoga and craft class and maybe even an outdoor wine and yoga class??? YASSSSS. Can’t you see that my mind is a CLUTTER BALL?!!! (I’m committed to the phrase at this point).

So anywho, that’s whats going on here in Kansas City. Thank you ALL for your kind comments and for all of the encouragement. I truly love each and every one of you!

By the way, I am working on the subscription button. I’m not sure why it has stopped working so I apologize to those of you that keep trying to sign up. Know that I appreciate you and I will get that working very soon!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Kari Jo

P.s. We are painting the studio next week. If you don’t suck at painting and you are available, come help some yogis out!

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