All the weekend fun!

Don’t ya just love it when you wake up on Monday morning and there are a thousand tasks just waiting so patiently for you to complete? That’s me right now.

I’m still in weekend mode hardcore. I need like 4 more Saturdays in a row.

Anyways! It’s Monday… not Saturday… and I’m a little sad about that. Oh well. Back to real life!

We had a really good weekend in the Crandall household. Eric and I both got sick but we’re ok so it’s ok. Saturday we were supposed to run two 5k’s but we registered for the wrong one so we left with a walk of shame. Not really, but we did leave and we did feel bad.

Eric’s parents took Lincoln for the day so Eric and I went home and made a HUGE breakfast of biscuits and gravy and bacon and pancakes. It was SO good. We ate so much. It was a blast, we haven’t had a morning at home by ourselves in a long while. So we basically traded running for carbs.

Saturday afternoon we took a freakin’ long road trip to Louisburg, Kansas to run a 5K. We THOUGHT that since it was called the Louisburg Cider Mill 5K that it would run through the cider mill? Right? Right? NO. It wasn’t at the Louisburg Cider Mill, it was in the tiny town of Louisburg. We drove all the way there just to realize that we needed to drive an extra 15 minutes back into town so we were almost late! AHH!

I came in second place for my age group and 6th overall for the whole race. We met some really cool people from California who just signed up as they were passing through town. We sat next to them as we waited for the 10k runners to finish so they could start the awards ceremony.

Saturday was a lot of fun. Eric and I got the whole day together which was super nice. We laughed, a lot. Sunday was fun too except that Eric and I both got sick. Eric was super sick all Saturday night and into Sunday morning. I felt better by Sunday afternoon so we met my sister and Emery (my neice) at Worlds Of Fun. WOF was great for Sunday afternoon because it wasn’t busy and the weather was perfect. The kids got to go trick-or-treating and pick out pumkpins.

All in all it was a really good weekend. What did you do over the weekend? Drop a comment and let us know!!

I hope that you have an awesome week and crush all the goals!!!

Love love love,

Kari Jo


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