Dear Ashley…

It was hard to open my blog. It is hard to write and even harder to think of what to even say… Ashley wrote on this blog from time to time. I’ve thought many times that I need to make her apple bread again. To whip up some fall smelling potpourri even though it’s June. […]

Combating the blues.

Where to start… where to start… For some people the holidays are the happiest times of the year, for others, it can be a brutal time of the year. Winter is (pretty much) here and the seasonal affective disorder kicks in big time. It’s not uncommon to become depressed this time of year. I personally […]

Shoulder Taps

About a month ago there was a video floating around Facebook called Shoulder Taps. It’s a short video about a man who felt God telling him to speak words of kindness to a stranger. It’s an amazing video about how we should listen to God when we feel He is speaking to our heart. Yesterday […]

Be still.

Every morning as I drive into work I pray. It’s usually the same prayer, Lord thank you for this day, help me to live for you. Please be with *insert all the people I need to pray for* and Lord please help me complete *insert whatever goal I’m working on*. In Jesus name, I pray, […]

God loves this hot mess: A letter to you tired mamas.

I get it. You’re exhausted. You haven’t brushed your hair in two days. You have to think really hard if you brushed your teeth this morning… You did. But gosh, did my kid? Did he brush his teeth?!! I hope so. Who knows. I’ll make him do it (possibly again?) when he gets home. Your […]

You are so worthy.

I’m about to get real raw. This isn’t the post that I thought it would be. In fact, I had written a “safer” post earlier today and it just didn’t feel right. Safe isn’t always the best. So I went back and changed it because I would be doing you a disservice by not speaking […]

Israel. Part 1 of 128439438326.

Wow! Hi, hello. It’s been a little bit since I’ve said hello. Life has been insanely busy lately. This year is bringing a bunch of new adventures! Last month I went to Israel which was AMAZING. I’ve been trying to think about what to post about it but the truth is that it was such […]

Spring Cleaning

Hello, sunshine and warm weather! How gorgeous is this day?! Days like today make me want to open all of the windows and start that spring cleaning! A couple of weeks ago one of my dear friends asked me a few questions on minimalism and decluttering. I realized that I haven’t posted much about it lately so […]

Crab Bucket Mentality

The crab bucket mentality- If you place one crab in a bucket it will climb out to sweet freedom, but if you place multiple crabs in a bucket they will pull down any crab that tries to climb out. Sounds a lot like the people in this world, huh? It’s the “If I can’t have […]

Real is rare.

Authenticity Not doing what others expect of you but what feels right to you. Being authentic isn’t something that one is or isn’t. It’s a on-going practice. Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make. Its about the choice that allow us to show up and be real. It requires vulnerability, transparency […]